Sunday, April 30, 2006

Day of Contemplation

Another day off. So I spent some time wandering around. Came across the post cemetery. This place was a buffalo soldier outpost in the 1880’s. I went up to the top of the base and looked across the area. I decided to go to the boarder but did not cross. The crossing did not look that impressive. On the way I saw what I thought was an old adobe house. I stopped to a picture of the place. It’s for sale if you want it only half mile from the boarder. Turns out it’s not that old and not adobe. It was a straw bale house. Still I thought it looked interesting. Anyway things are not always what you think. I keep looking for that special picture. Not yet. Although I saw a road runner today and pulled over to get him, but he ran away before the camera was ready.

For those left behind

Quiet shaddy place

Poor Shorten Bread died 1903

Over looking the base

Fake adobe house

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Almost done with step one

I am finished with the instruction portion. One of the guys I will replace is back and hope to see him Monday. No training for the weekend. Although I have to study. Friday I was told I have to train four new soldiers on the system at 0900 Monday. They are fresh out of cloak and dagger school. So I feel ok about what I know and what I will have to do. Have my ticket for Georgia, and most of my gear. It is starting to sink in what I will be doing. The job does not seem hard. Long hours, and all. New wrinkle that I did not know or was not told. I will be going around the country, to smaller outposts.

since I had the day free. I went to a small town of Hippies today. It is an old copper mining town. It is interesting the way they built it in a very small valley. The houses are clinging to the hills and very narrow streets. I took snap shots. The difference in snap shots and pictures is the amount of time I look to find a good view.

Downtown lokking up hill steep

colors of the hill side was pretty

houses stepped up the hill

very steep road.

Hippymoble at the base of that steep hill

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

In the desert with no name

Not very good pictures on the edge of town

Training is going well. Few glitches so far. spent an hour and a half waiting for new ID card. Met the big guy. He was wondering if I knew what the living conditions were over there. It seems the repair guy, different company. Has had issues with the living conditions. They don't live up to his standards. He's an old Air Force puke. They are known for their plush living conditions. When they live with the Army they get extra pay for substandard conditions. I told him I had been in the field before and knew what they were. What they are is a plywood hut, with 6-8 guys, each person has an 8 x 8 room with a bed, desk and storage. Better than a tent. They have at least AC heat, electricity, and internet. In the field we all had, a cot, or ground, no heat, no AC and a truck always running at full blast nearby. Little one is still sort of fine. It really is starting to set in what I am doing. I find out a little more each day. One dude is on his way back now. I should be able to meet him before I leave here.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

It starts

Some guys are prouder than others (parking lot of hotel)

Every journey starts sometime. Mine has started. Thursday the word came it’s a go and I have to go. For the next period of time I will be here. Strangely I have been here before. 15 years ago I was here for training and now I’m back. I will be fairly cryptic on what I do here and may not say. I am leery of even saying where I am. In fact come to think of it I won’t. It took three planes and a very early start to get here. Little one was real brave. I think she waited to cry after I left. Think of it saddened me. I know this is a good thing to do it will be hard. I do get to go home after here. Then off for AARRMMYY training. I do get a weapon. So along with shots and gear, now I have weapons training. I have never had a side arm before. Anyway, I have to get ready for Monday. So here are some pics. I hope to get some cool desert pictures, while I here.

My crappy car, cheapest you can rent. (Don't buy)

Road to nowhere. I now live at the foot of these mountains

Friday, April 14, 2006

Spring and still waiting

Spring is raising its head here in ole Tropical WI. The tulips are starting to come up and the grass is turning green. Which means I'd better rake up the litter from winter before the grass gets to cutting height. I plowed disked the garden last weekend. I did it in my shinning tractor (read truck). We do have a tractor. Better known as the gutless/ball-less wonder. As in I wonder what the hell I got the thing for. It is an Allis B. My lawn mower has more horses that it does. It can't pull a disk, plow, back blade, almost anything. So the truck does the farm work. Although there is something to be said for plowing in the comfort of your truck. Anyway on the camping trip front. Government dude one has told government two that it is okay for government dude three to send an ok to government dude four. Who in turn will send an okay to company dude one and two to submit form one. Once form one has been sent government dude 4 sends it to three and three says yes and then I go. Simple right.

Move along nothing but a plant here.

The river looking east at sunrise

looking west

further up stream at sunrise

Thursday, April 06, 2006

“The waiting is the hardest part”

There is still no word as to when. We have been doing various more things to get ready. We have a high speed connection at the house now, a wireless network to connect several computers, web cams for video phone calls. MSN sucks at this. I am hoping to find something better. All the wood minus the pine is stored away in the woodshed. Its about 3 cord. Lots of work and I still want 1 truck load more. Maybe this weekend, I can get some more. Checklist and equipment are being finished. Most of my medical, dental, and legal stuff is done. Still need a few minor checks on those. They are harder to do. Some cool toys are on order, flashlight, boot knife, and other cool military toys. I really want an IPOD but they cost too much. Unchecked items on list are as follows.

  1. Oil and tune up of vehicles.
  2. Oil and tune up of lawnmowers.
  3. Summer chicken yard
  4. Seed chicken yard
  5. Manual for wife and daughter
  6. Label stuff and instructions
  7. Clean garage and workshop
  8. Fix back door
  9. Repipe sink
  10. Plow garden
  11. Lose weight
  12. Run
  13. IPOD music
  14. Set up new laptop (if it comes)

I hope you are doing well and enjoying spring. Here the tulips are poking out of the ground. A few blades of grass are starting to green. The Robins have been back for two weeks and it’s starting to smell like spring.