Saturday, April 29, 2006

Almost done with step one

I am finished with the instruction portion. One of the guys I will replace is back and hope to see him Monday. No training for the weekend. Although I have to study. Friday I was told I have to train four new soldiers on the system at 0900 Monday. They are fresh out of cloak and dagger school. So I feel ok about what I know and what I will have to do. Have my ticket for Georgia, and most of my gear. It is starting to sink in what I will be doing. The job does not seem hard. Long hours, and all. New wrinkle that I did not know or was not told. I will be going around the country, to smaller outposts.

since I had the day free. I went to a small town of Hippies today. It is an old copper mining town. It is interesting the way they built it in a very small valley. The houses are clinging to the hills and very narrow streets. I took snap shots. The difference in snap shots and pictures is the amount of time I look to find a good view.

Downtown lokking up hill steep

colors of the hill side was pretty

houses stepped up the hill

very steep road.

Hippymoble at the base of that steep hill


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