Wednesday, April 26, 2006

In the desert with no name

Not very good pictures on the edge of town

Training is going well. Few glitches so far. spent an hour and a half waiting for new ID card. Met the big guy. He was wondering if I knew what the living conditions were over there. It seems the repair guy, different company. Has had issues with the living conditions. They don't live up to his standards. He's an old Air Force puke. They are known for their plush living conditions. When they live with the Army they get extra pay for substandard conditions. I told him I had been in the field before and knew what they were. What they are is a plywood hut, with 6-8 guys, each person has an 8 x 8 room with a bed, desk and storage. Better than a tent. They have at least AC heat, electricity, and internet. In the field we all had, a cot, or ground, no heat, no AC and a truck always running at full blast nearby. Little one is still sort of fine. It really is starting to set in what I am doing. I find out a little more each day. One dude is on his way back now. I should be able to meet him before I leave here.


Anonymous Care-bear said...

I recognize those plants! You know at this time of year, before you leave they might go to full bloom. Then you really see something... I love the desert in bloom.

2:38 PM  

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