Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Ring

I got my ring back yesterday. It makes me feell good to have it on again. Its been about 10 years since I wore it. It may sound silly but I like to feel its weight on my hand, It reminds me to be my best. That I did accomplish something, I can do anything if I try hard enough. I used to tell my students not to let graduation from High School be your biggest accomplishment in your life. My ring reminds me I have to do better. to maybe live up to my dreams, to do good, to accomplish something.

1989 does not seems so far away and yet it is a lifetime

The oval crest has a reproduction of the palmetto tree in its background. Aside from representing the state tree of South Carolina, the Palmetto symbolizes a cadet-trained regiment of infantry that fought in the Mexican War and it represents a fort, built of Palmetto logs, that repelled a large British invasion fleet during the Revolutionary War. The two oval shields at the base of the tree are replicas of the state seals.
The Flags of the United States and S.C. showing union of the two.
"Star of the West", which commemorates the firing on a Union supply steamer by a detachment of Citadel cadets in January, 1861. This action was the powder keg which set off the War Between the States. The cannon balls at the bottom of this shank indicate the continuing link between the Old Citadel on Marion Square and the Greater Citadel.

Leadership, courage, and integrity found in good officers is embodied by the sword. Crossing the sword is the rifle, the symbol of the infantry. Freedom acquired and maintained only through a willingness to fight for it represented by the rifle surmounted by the oak leaves of toughness and victory blessed by peace, represented by the laurel wreath

All the black dots on the bottom we said was all the assholes you must put up with in life.


Anonymous Care-bear said...

You should feel very, very proud! What a wonderful symbol of all you have accomplished thus far and all you are yet to accomplish in the future.

Not to mention all of the incredibly, rich and diverse historical references and memories, comprised within one object that you hold so dear.

Congratulations... it is beautiful and obviously well deserved.

2:54 PM  

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