Friday, January 20, 2006


Feeling blue, I don't like the waiting, don't like the unknown, and don’t like the feeling of limbo. I need to know more, I need to learn more.

Not just me though, Brother-in-law was at the house at lunch. Two of his trucks are dead, his new truck is in need of repair. He has a farm and does need these. It’s not like they are for fun they are work trucks. He has to go in for knee surgery. So I guess it’s not just me. The sun has only been out twice this month and I think I’m low on sun juice to run my body.

I did make it to the cardio center last night and confirmed I’m in poor shape. I did a fast walk on the treadmill 2 miles. It took 35 minutes to go 2 miles. Hell I had to run it in 16 min in the Army, long way to go.

The Family and the Cat Hurd


Anonymous Crh said...

I love the photo... especially the "cat hurd" you must teach me how do do that! Cheer up! I heard we may even get sun once more this month!! Go figure!

8:18 PM  
Blogger Rhett said...

Thanks for looking at my bolg! I like your's as well! Do you mind if I put a link to it from my page so I can check in?

Don't be blue. It is cold season here and thanks to day and nyquill I am at work but as for functioning on a level much above grunt, I am not doing so well.

I know how it is to look back at the "glory days" when fittness was easy. Going through a 12 week challenge with my gym right now like The Biggest Loser and it is really making me recall what I was able to do and my current limits.

Keep up the good work! It will get easier!!

5:57 AM  

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