Wednesday, January 11, 2006

What have I done

Yes I know its not a great picture I will put a better one on later

Hello, I am starting this to document maybe the craziest descission I have ever made. I volunteered to go to Afghanistan. That's right I am going to a place hardly anyone wants to go to. To be fair it is not set in stone that I will go. I have to wait on some paperwork, my passaport, and loads of unknown things. But let's say it is 75% sure I'll go.

Anyway a little about me. 38 years old, married 12 years, 1 daughter 11, we have 7 cats, 28 chickens, and two dogs. (more on them later). I am a displaced southern still confused by the ways and customs of the far north mid-west place I call home now. My wife is from here and has a large family. All 100% polish desent. Me mutt through and through. Born and raised in South Carolina, a product of a military family and education. I am a Citadel whole man or man hole which ever you prefer. I was a Russian Linguist in the Army, a teacher for 8 total years(off and on) never in social studies. 5 years a a industrial arts (shop) teacher. I hold two degrees one in secondary education social studies, and one in computer information systems. I have half a masters degree complete (and propably never will complete), this means I am dangerously over educated. We live in the center of the state on the wife's family's original homestead, circa 1905. It was a dump when we moved in and still is no showplace but has improved(greatly)
I am overweight, pasty, afflicted with strawberry blond hair, that as I get older gets blonder.
That right the voices in my head echo.

Anyway, what am I doing to prepare. Well I am southern so there is a problem with this. I have found the more I prepare in advance for something the less likely it will happen. So I am doing the things that will take a while to do, so that the stumbleing blocks are fewer.

step one
Get passaport (simple right) ha
step one A
Find birth certificate (simple right) ha
step one B
Get copy of birth certificate (simple right) ha (see the pattern)
step one C
Call hospital I was born in. I sorry we don't keep records past 1974 (WTF). call county health department. go to web site for birth certificate $47.00.
Oh dear god I never had a state certificate. Mine was a county think the size of a credit card. I know that it was issued in 1973 or 4 ( I know what the hell were they waiting for. To see if I would look like the rest of the family (I don't). To see if I can find my way home(I did) who knows. But know I am waiting on people in the state capital to find if I was born.
step two
Get passaport
Lord help me, That depends on step one.
step three

Get into some shape other than round.

I'll keep you posted


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