Friday, January 13, 2006

Wonders never end

13 Jan 06
My birth certificate arrived yesterday. Oh what a hunk of leftover crap. the wonderful state of South Carolina has bestowed upon me proof that I am alive. Is it worth frameing or adding to the historical documents of the world you ask? No it is on plain blue paper with a off pink seal onit. A 6th grader with MS paint could have done better. SO that means part of a step is complete.

I take it to the court house to apply for the passport. What a large crock. The lady behind the glass looked at the certificate as if it was sandscrit. After two trips to the post office, two trips to the Court hosue, one trip to the bank and two hundred dollars lighter in the wallet it is off. The address is the New Orleans Processing center in Culver City CA. huh anyway in two weeks it should be in my hand.

Remeber I said if you plan to far ahead it will fall through. Well in the company status call yesterday the boss lady asked for volunteers to go to Afghanistan. WHAT??!! She even gave out what the pay maybe. (didn't want people to know that)

I ie-mailed her and asked does that mean I'm out. Noo she replyed I am assuming that you will fill one position. Oh (that is if the Feds grant unto me the status needed). So it still might happen. According to the horible scopes and fortune cookies it will.

Anyway more important stuff the family and the cats.
Fluffy the cats pet (she hates humans)

The boys Rusty and Walter
(Rusty is afraid of evrything and Walter he came with the wife)

There are 4 more to come later.


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