Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Another Part of a Step (rambling)

I went and got my License To Sweat (No joke that's what's on the card I got to use the Cardio Center stuff) at the local college today, not bad only three trips and two builds to do it. Me and the wife are alums of the place. She graduated in 91 and I in 04. My second degree. Her first unused degree. Now me and two of my co-workers are going to go and start working on that get in shape thing.

Nothing else moving on the waiting part.

My first comment came from a nice southern gal. Who by reading her blog, (nice blog) lives in the big town near my folks. I was born and raised in Belton. A little town in the western part of SC.

The big office in Virginia sent us a pool table, so we put it in a spare office.

Nice table

Either the table is too small or the office is too big.


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