Thursday, December 20, 2007

Here We Go Again

Greetings to all far and wide. From a guy who is just wide. I get to visit old haunts again in the new year. With the new trip I find myself falling into some habits. One I have starting scanning the area again. I look for cover when I walk down the street. I am wary of slow moving cars, and for god sake do not tailgate me. I have told my daughter that it is just a long business trip. I am pretty sure she knows something is up since I am gathering my gear and prepping some things. I have taken a liking to my angry music again. I have not told her where yet, but will after Christmas. On the good side I was to leave on 6 Jan but that has been pushed due to scheduling conflicts with Uncle Sam. That might change again depending on how bad they want the job done. This next time I will keep my gear at home for a while. So if you want to feel what the troops have to wear and how heavy it is come on by when I get back. For those concerned I will not officially tell the extended family unless directly asked. This trip is different though. I only have to stay as long as it takes me to change out equipment and software at a few sites. That means the faster I can get around the country the faster I get home. Best case I will be 3 weeks in the country. Worst case could be 2 months. I can't say I am thrilled to go back but I know going in that I have an exit plan. In other news we have two new dogs and are down to 14 chickens. We will reconstitute the flock this spring.

Ours not to make reply,
Ours not to reason why,
Ours but to do

Remember life is how you look at it.


Anonymous care-bear said...


10:35 PM  
Anonymous Winona said...

Well written article.

9:05 AM  
Anonymous care-bear said...

How goes the church thing, dude? And why can't the other two just leave your parcel be and let things remain the same for you and yours, and they take theirs?

I'm confused. (Well, yeah... I'm always confused but still..)

3:42 PM  

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