Saturday, December 09, 2006

I'm back

Hello again, I sorry I have not updated in a while. But as you can guess life has been one exciting adventure after another. From my meeting with Osama, and secret missions into the mountains I 've had very little time. Well that’s what I’d like to think anyway. Truth is I have had a sever bout of lack of energy. Or as they say around here my give a damn is broken. Since our last little chat by the glow of your screen, I’ve been to Kabul, Khowst, and middle of no where. We had to bring back the black box from Kabul. We some how bummed a ride to Kabul while having lunch. Some guys were up picking up Suburbans and I talked my way into a ride. Which allowed us a night at ISAF HQ. Better food and two beers. Got to love working with NATO. The British took us to the Air port. From there we tried to fly it back to here. We first had to as the Americans, who said that was the Brit’s job. The Brit’s said they only handled people, ask the German’s. The German’s said all coordination is through the Turk’s, who made us drag the box over to them. They then said okay take it back to the Americans who said good give ti to the Brit’s, who then said ok leave it by the baggage and we’ll take care of it. Got to love working with NATO. So we rolled it back to the terminal and waited. Once on the C130 it was a 15 minute flight back here. Unload go find a truck. While having coffee at the USO before we got the truck Pop Eye showed up in honor of the grand reopening of the restaurant. The trip to Khowst lucked out as a one day trip in at dawn out at sun set. Other that those two trips nothing special. Things will pick up soon and more work I guess. Right now they have hired my replacement and she will be here in January or February. That means I might be home early. No official because they said something about a large amount of overlap. If I can make it to end of March that would be great. Had a scare the other night one of my room mates passed out around midnight, He wanted me to wake him at midnight because he works nights and did not want to mess up his sleep schedule on his day off. Woke him and he wanted to go outside for a smoke. Once outside he said I don’t feel well. Sat down said I feel light headed and did a header into the gravel. I got him up and back to his room, went to get his glasses. Came back he said I’m bleeding, got the flashlight and checked scraps on his face and blood behind his ear. Looked at the ear and he had some how tore the top part of his ear from his head. I could see the cartilage and the skin inside. Took him to the Emergency room, and they stitched him up after lots of tests. At one point he had a bp of 55 / 22. Great, turns out he was dehydrated and had not eaten for 18 hours other than some snacks. They gave him the last two days off. I have to wake him soon. I spent parts of yesterday and today Christmas shopping. It is hard to find 10 Burkas in different colors, plus the fashions of them are hard to keep track of. I found It hard to find the right piece of gravel for the right person. We had a snow storm for 3 days, well a mixture of rain snow and wet snow. Made life that much better here. It has turned cold and that’s fun to. In two or so months we have had a 100 degree swing in temperature.

Well more later.

Click image for larger picture.

The Navy guys just keep getting older.

All the poop sucker trucks have names this one is the Contessa Linda. My SIL will be so proud

Mecca Burger in Kabul

My co worker with an angry cat in Kabul

We loaded the black box on a armored Toyota it flatten out the springs.

Malaria Eddie re-enlisting

Snow on the B Hut

Large snowman between the B-Huts

The Brown mountains are now white.


Anonymous care-bear said...

Well, at least you have snow... the ground is frozen, the perennials are dying (no snow... no insulation)

But wow the big picture!


8:14 PM  
Anonymous care-bear said...

RE: Eddie

Do you think it was the malaria that made him re-up?


7:14 AM  

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