Monday, September 11, 2006

Things I never thought I'd say

This week has been an interesting one. I’ve said a few things I never ever thought I would, and learned a few stupid things. The following items I’ve uttered; Eddie has malaria, How do you say where the F*&$ is it in Romanian, No you can’t search that (Here’s the papers that say why), (after an explosion) no lets wait until we hear the siren, Oh look where the car bomb went off is where we were standing 3 weeks ago.

We went to Kandahar to update and train people. This was after a bad weekend there one plane crash and a friendly fire incident. We get there and the first night had a rocket attack. Fairly common place in some areas. The general feel was oh again, ok mosey to the bunker. Well its hot in there, just hang around the edge because the way it goes is they fire off two or three quickly and then the base sounds the alarm. So by the time you get to the bunker its over. Waited there for the all clear and mosey back to the room. Kandahar is a large spread out base way down in the southern part of the country. We rode down on a C17 so no pictures, there were two armored 5 tons in the plane wit us and they bounced and rattled the whole flight. Once on the ground had to find the area we need to work in. Took a little time carrying all the gear and such. Anyway found it got lodging and started working. All went well until I went to find the 3rd computer we needed. No where on base. The guy I replaced had brought it back to BAF and not revised the reports so I’ve thinking it was there for 4 months. Then arranged to get to Qalat. Called them and they said computers what computers we don’t have no stinking computers. The unit that pulled out of there took them to their new FOB (Forward Operating Base). A brand new FOB really in the middle of nowhere. This should be fun. Kandahar is hot but it is starting to cool It was only 100 while we were there instead of the 130 it has been most of the summer. The partner was juiced because they have a Pizza Hut there. He had 4 pizzas in 3 days. Me I liked the Tim Horton’s doughnut shop and the Canadians had an ice cream shop. The first chocolate ice cream in 5 months. Nice but it got on my new white shirt ( don’t ask). Work done there and tried to get home. Bumped off the first flight, along with a SF guy on his way to Germany to get The German Medal of Honor. Man what did he do, didn’t ask. So hung around and hoped to get on a flight that might have room. We did, this whole time I was carrying adozen dough nut to the office for the guys. Well dough nuts don’t travel well in my shoulder bag, and they were an interesting sight when we landed. It is really boring here, work is boring, and most of the troops are ready to go, I have 6 to 9 months left. I bought some programming books off Amazon to try and study and get a Java certification before I get home. I would dearly love a trip home but alas I am deemed to important for a trip home. Lies all lies. Its just no one else wants to come here even for a few weeks. Lobby congress, call a priest, talk to mailman, post a lost and found for my sanity, get me out of here for a little while.

I’ve posted two of my favorite quotes at the office


Give a man fire he will be warm all day. Set a man on fire he will be warm the rest of his life.

We are all born naked, screaming, and covered in blood. If you live right that sort of things doesn’t have to end.

This surprised me

Jingle truck

Canadian Armored tourest bus (not really)


Blogger Who? Me?! said...

Liked the Canadian Tourist Bus... good one. What the hell is a Jingle Bus?! That's wild!

Does "German SF guy stand" for Special Forces?

I think if you're so special... you should have your own private, air-conned, armored, kick-ass transport to take you safely where ever you needed to go.

You know, like Air Force One. I'll write to Dub-ya the Moron and pass that info on for ya'

11:48 AM  
Blogger Rhett said...

I like the tourist bus as well :)

Must be scary, I can't imagine, but just think - you're that much closer to coming back home!

Here it's Clemson Football season at it's best. We're playing florida state Saturday night at 7:45pm on ESPN. Catch it on the internet if you can! There are several stations with "listen live." That might help bring you back!

11:55 AM  

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