Friday, May 19, 2006

Leaveing on a jetplane

I have been in Army training for the last week. Gotten shots and given gear for the trip. I will be flying out on Moday. This will be very short as I am at my parents house, and only have dial up. I have lots of things to do before the jet plane leaves. They did not issue me the things I thougt they would, so I have to get a few things. Anybody know where I can pick up an armored 69 volkswagen cheap? I did get body armor, helmet and crap like that. but my weapon I pick up in country. I did not take any pictures this week so no pics. Maybe today around here. So anyway I write when I get a chance.


Anonymous Care-bear said...

Talked briefly to the wife, she actually read an email I sent her! She didn't answer... but at least she read it!

Let me know what email addy to use for you, I haven't sent any because I didn't if you'd get it.

Enjoy your time with your family and as always, Good Luck Big Guy!!

5:18 PM  
Anonymous c-bear again said...

hey... did you know VW Bugs were the preferred vehicle of choice of numerous serial killers?

Is there something you're not telling us?!!?

Of course the biggest reason for that was because they were: a) quite anonymous and b) great on gas for long haul driving so you could go kill somebody and get back home on one tank of gas!

For the second reason alone... you'll never find one, armored or otherwise! hahahaha! Miss ya already!

8:26 PM  
Blogger Rhett said...

i hope you had a safe trip. post when you can and let us know youre okay. things back here are getting summer like and fast! wish it would rain a little though. i hate watering plants outside.

i look forward to your pictures and writings as you are able.

talk to you soon!

4:33 PM  

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