Friday, June 02, 2006

Hello from Afghanistan

Well it took a while but here I am. From Baltimore we went to Shannon Ireland 6 hour flight. on ground 2 hours. Back in the air for 5 hours to Turkey. They did not let us off of the termal so no good pictures. Then to Kyrgestian 6 hours. Where we waited 4 days for a flight. To Afghanistan 2 hour flight on a C130. The landing was interesting to say the least. Think of your scarest roll-a-coaster. We came in low and fast to keep from getting shot at. The guy I am replacing was waiting and moved me into his old room. We was very glad to see me. Was jetlagged for awhile. But fine now.I am awell paid baby sitter. When the thing works I have nothing to do. When its broken lots to do. There are about 10 other countries on this base. I have seen Austrians, British, New Zealand,Poland, Slovakian , French, Italian, Canadian, Korean, Egyptian, Jordanian, German. All four of our branches are here. The workers are from all over. Alot of Russian, so I can at least talk to them some. The local Internet Provider is Indian called around here HajiNet. Not broadband but faster than dial up. The service is filter through Hong Kong. So it is censored. For some material. My cell phone is working. calls are about a dollar a minute. Only 53 weeks till I am home. We are going to Kabul soon. Hope to get pictures.

Pictures are taking to long to load this time I'll try later.


Blogger Rhett said...

Wow! What an adventure to get there. Please stay safe! I am glad to see that you arrived and can communicate. I know your family is glad of that too. Take care and keep us posted. 53 weeks and counting down with you :)

5:39 AM  
Anonymous Care-bear said...

Glad to hear from you! I would have never made being on a plane that long!

I'm looking forward to pictures (if you can actually get some that won't be censored!) Odd, that huh?

Man, Russian personnel at the base! You sure have to marvel at how much the world has changed.

Stay safe, stay cool and if I can figure out how to knit, I'll make you wool socks for the winter! (although if I were you, I wouldn't hold my breath for them! hahahaha!)

Did you ever figure out that scarf/head thingy? Just curious...

In the meantime... be careful, be safe and above all practice ducking. Okay... I'm done with the lame humor.

Well, not quite yet...(read the next sentence in the voice of ET...) "be goooddd!)

love ya' dude!


9:18 AM  

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