Saturday, March 10, 2007

I'm still here

Sorry, I've been rather caught up with events lately. I will get an update as to the happenings of late, but as of now lets just say I miss the USA, and will be on red mud in about 54 days. Then to frozen ground (not by then) in about 60.


Anonymous Care-bear said...

Yeah, yeah... so I'm a light weight (Oh God I wish!) I admit it. But at least I wasn't having to endure comments about wearing blaze orange this time! (Mainly cuz' it was packed deep down in my suitcase!)

You might be wrong about the still frozen part... it's inching toward the 50's today and the melting snow is leaving huge puddles... but they're starting to soak in! Yay!

I am so happy that you are now among the ranks of a "short-timer" even though for you, I'm sure time has slowed to a crawl.

I can't wait to see you home safe and sound, and never forget how much we love you!

8:18 AM  

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