Monday, December 18, 2006

Week before Christmas

Twas the week before Christmas, and all through Afghanistan, the bombs were falling, the Taliban were all shaking, quivering in their beds, knowing that death would rain down on their heads. Ma in her burka and me in my crap, I had just settled down to my IED map. When out in the yard there arose such a explosion, I had to ask Ala what the hell it was. The infidels had found me and were out for blood. I had tried and failed to kill them now they had my ass. Merry Christmas

Not a pleasant Christmas poem I know, as we prepare for the festivities of the holiday season, know that others plot the demise of our cultures and lives. There is no living with these people, no peace on earth for those who are not willing to fight for it. Give peace a chance is becoming a chant again. We gave peace a chance and have prayed for it all these years. It has brought us Lebanon, Bosnia, Somalia, Iran, deaths and kidnaps. Yeah peace has worked so well. Peace, to some is our destruction. I will not give these people a chance to destroy all that I love. I will fight, and give what I need to defeat them. I am no longer a soldier, but my family is a family of soldiers. In the last 200 years we have had members in service for most of it. When the call has been made we answer it. We have and will shed blood for our beliefs, right or wrong, only history has the luxury to decide for sure. We have had members of the family in uniform for every war we have had. We have not always fought but we have been there to help. We can trace back to the Revolutionary War on the Southern battle lines as Johnny Reb. We had members in France in WWI and relatives beating back the Blitzkrieg in Europe. My Father was in Uniform for all of the Cold War, Korea, Vietnam, and the Gulf War. Me and my sister served during the Cold War. I was in uniform for Gulf War and trained to fight the Cold War against Russia. I will not pretend that all America has done in our history is righteous and good. America has blood on its hands for so many things, it can be sickening to think about. But, our transgressions are not as onerous as those who came before, or been against us. If as they say this war was over oil then we could have chosen easier, closer targets than these.

This place can get to you after a while, as the unit I’m with prepares to go home all the talk is of what they will do when they get home. Most run along the lines of drunken debauchery, and pornographic dreams, I can’t blame them. As I have those same fantasies and weaknesses. Don't call or visit for a few days after my return. I have the last packages ready to send home. They will be well after CHristmas. I got a box from the lovely wife and daughter Saturday, and another from my sister in-law and mother in-law today. and have serious pangs to be at home in front of hearth and fire, with my loved ones around. I was told today that I will be moving B-Huts soon as they prepare to leave. I will move in with the other civilians to keep us all together. I will miss these guys, you can’t live this long with someone and not have some connection. Although not everyone in this hut talks to each other. Also I found out that my replacement will be here in Mid February, which means I could be home by the first part of March. That’s about 6 weeks before my magic date, so the question is how much is it worth to be home. Right now that is priceless, plus I have two months to get serious about my studies.

Bad picture of gazebo decorated for the season

Snow man and tree decorated by the Martha Steward of Afghanistan

Inside the gazebo

Tree of light in center of gazebo

Santa sent to Avn Bde by school in the states.

Hats I had made for the in-laws, they have a polka band.


Anonymous Care-bear said...

Oh Pasty...

I so wish you were here too! I haven't had the money to send your xmas box but here's hoping you get it right after Christmas...

I love the pic of the roof of the gazebo interior... you do have an eye.

I don't know if I should wish Merry Christmas... it seems weird somehow. So I'll say this...

I wish you peace for your aching heart...

I wish you calm for your fears...

I pray for your safety and for your return home very soon!

I love you dude, and your "girls" are anxious to see you home too!

Do you miss the chickens?

Sorry... just thought I'd suprise you with that one!


7:20 PM  

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