Friday, October 26, 2007

Shades of grey

Since returning to the daily rigors of work, we have made some changes in the office. The mood is tight, the workers are moody, the management is spotty, and the deadlines tight. I love the sounds of deadlines make as they go whizzing by. I am on a forgotten project on my own with little direction, or care that it can not be done. Within the time frame. My college came to the not so great white north as the official sacrificial lamb for University of Wisconsin this year. I expected a complete blowout, and all I hoped for was a respectable score. At mid point of the game they were tied. We were quite pleased the 400 or so fans in light blue. There were 79500 fans in red. There were two young UW fans seated behind me the daughter and a niece who is at UW as a student. They were rude and made stupid comments throughout the first quarter of the game. I finial turned to them and said, we know we are going to lose, and have a fine tradition of losing so please just shut up. They were better for the rest of the game. We did lose but the fans were pleased with the game play of the boys in blue. Since then they have only dropped one game and hope is starting to bloom for the team. Being a long sufferer of the college most know this will only lead to pain.

Rumors still fly about a return trip to either Iraq or Afghanistan. I think neither will happen. I also might be on the training team to prep for the upcoming release around the Army. I would be happy just to create the training. That will probably not happen either. I will have to get myself together to be a coder for the next year. I am signing up for a class and will start to redo my skills in Nov. Projects at home are in finial stages, one room is redone mostly, electricity has been restored to the out buildings partially, Some decluttering has be undertaken. I designed and built a storage bed for the wife. It needs only some touch up paint. Firewood is in the planning phase, I have plans in my head for the work shop. Lots of small things still need to be done. Attached are a few pictures of the past few months.

Bucky Badger. Daughter wanted to take a picture with him but was afraid he would hit her for wearing the other teams colors

Tied at half time

The Girls surrounded

Pockets of baby blue in a sea of red

Out numbered

Olive the Fashion plate

Remember this while you change for bed


Anonymous care-bear said...

Hey!! I was going to email you over the w/e to ask when you were going to start blogging again! So, Yay!

Cool pics of the game, it looks like it was a lot of fun. (And man... does the niece ever look like her Mom!) Wow!

Love the pic of Olive too... even though I detest "football" dogs, she (they) can be cute. (But they'd never be mine!)

Do you know that after that visit I picked off seven or eight of those damn ticks?!

Not to mention the two I didn't discover until they were bored in and I had to dig them out with an exacto razor!

There's another reason to love Alaska... no tics! (No snakes either!)


Blood thinners suck when you have to use a razor on yourself. I was just happy they were dug in where I have no feeling from the nerve damage!

Glad to hear the wonder bread room has been finished, can't wait to see the master suite!

You know, if you want I can always take you out to my brother's place. There may be wood, junk etc. that might work well for your tool shop ideas.

I also have a huge piece of peg board, mounted on a frame maybe 4' x 6' (I'm guessing) Better still... I have a ziplock bag full of hooks!

Hope the schooling goes well and you do get to write the training.

I need to have you guys up here soon for supper and then be rude and have you check out my computer. ;)

I know... I'm hopeless.

Oh and as far as the "remember ... while undressing?" I don't even have a cat to watch me anymore! Of course that probably is a good thing... Or I might have been charged with cruelty to animals!


10:00 PM  
Anonymous care-bear said...

PS: Yes... I forgot to add a "k" to "tick" and I love the Citadel graphic... I think that you should get a bulldog puppy to ride herd on the girl dogs.

They could use a good military upbringing!

10:06 PM  

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