Friday, May 19, 2006

Leaveing on a jetplane

I have been in Army training for the last week. Gotten shots and given gear for the trip. I will be flying out on Moday. This will be very short as I am at my parents house, and only have dial up. I have lots of things to do before the jet plane leaves. They did not issue me the things I thougt they would, so I have to get a few things. Anybody know where I can pick up an armored 69 volkswagen cheap? I did get body armor, helmet and crap like that. but my weapon I pick up in country. I did not take any pictures this week so no pics. Maybe today around here. So anyway I write when I get a chance.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Back Home

I finished up on Wednesday two days early. I quickly rebooked my flight and was out of there Thursday morning early. I wanted to be home for little one’s concert. She is in band (percussion), orchestra (cello), and in chorus. The parents got to be guest players on the last song in band. That is if you agreed and if you can play an instrument. So I got play with her on one song Surfing USA well known for its French Horn part. She was great and I was very proud to see her get into the music. She was jazzed about band, excited about orchestra, and bored with chorus. She told me later she sang watermelon, watermelon on the songs. (stinker) We came home and the duck eggs were making noise. So during the night Filbert was born. He or she was followed by; Gilbert, Eggbert, Inglebert, Herbert, Dilbert, Albert, Fred, and Duke. Sunday the in-laws had a sort of going away party. It was fine. Loud and lots of food like most of their gatherings. We went up to the brother-in-law’s irrigation pond. They were fishing, little one wanted to learn to skip rock. She and I did a few the B-I-L showed his stuff. As for the week ahead we have a long list to do. I don’t have orders yet but the plan is to go for Army training Friday, and then Stanland the next Saturday.
Fresh from the airport

Hello Filbert

B-I-L fishing

Skipping rocks 101
Find the right rock

throw it low and fast

Skip it across the pond