Monday, August 06, 2007

Back in the USA

Sorry to anyone who read this meandering drivel. I got side tracked by so many things that it was hard to get in any frame of mind to post at all. The last few months of my deployment were hard in several ways. From problems with replacements, paperwork hassles, pesky Taliban attacks, training problems, problems with customs, and just a general angry feeling that came over me. I have been home almost 2 months now and adjusting seems to be going well. I have calmed down a bit, and am more stable in my emotions. For a while I felt as if everything was out to get me. The cats even seemed to be hostile, but time has calmed me and the cats.

The Good Idea Fairy touched the higher ups a week after I got home.
I spent a week on vacation, one week at work and then was sent for 2 weeks to train some guys. After the first week there they asked if I would go to Iraq for a few months. Starting 1 July. After some thought and macho chest beating I said no. Not now maybe in a few months after I get back to normal.

I'm just not ready to go back to the Secret Squirrel world just yet. Maybe soon but not now. the toll it took on my daughter and wife is not worth it. I know there are others paying a higher price, and I am not ready to pay it myself. The dear wife says I have done my part. Well, that maybe be true but, I can still do more, we'll see. All for now, I did get some great in my humble opinion shots, I will post those later.