Monday, June 12, 2006

Inside the hooch

My desk and chair. You think your typing skills are off try holding the keyboard on one leg and type with one hand.

The door and some gear by the door.

The closet and footlocker

Head of bed with the girls watching over me

The foot of my bed complete with my woobie (poncho liner great blanket)

Welcome to my room, its about the size of that walk in closet you have always wanted. The guy I replaced had done nothing with the place. I guess he doesn't watch TLC. I took the bed off the frame and moved it against the wall. Giving me more space. Then I hung a footlocker on the wall as a cabinet. Then got some scrap wood and made a closet. I am missing a chair. I have one in mind, or I have to find one. There is one near the PX I have my eye on. Work is going the places I have to go are mounting, up to four now can't get transport yet. I don't know if you've heard but there’s a war going on here. The new Germans have arrived along with some Fins. Same uniforms but the Fins and the Romanians have uniform T shirts complete with rank and stuff, cool I think.

Had another fallen comrade ceremony. That’s three dead in two weeks. This guy was MI(military Intelligence), roadside bomb. Not as dangerous here as Iraq but still you have to be careful. I am trying to loose weight as not to be such a big target. I still think this is the right place to be. We left them to themselves after the Soviets and now we have to fix what we should have done then. Karma is like that if you avoid something it will come back to get you. Personally I have had that happen twice. The first time was in college. I did not want to take a foreign language, so I avoided it. The Army thought otherwise and gave me a harder one. Then I got out of the Army partly to avoid Bosnia, Now look what Karma has brought me. Face, you fears or they will get you in the end. So on that note I have a fear of threesomes and foursomes, ummmm never mind. Oh by the way sorry to say that that is a major topic of discussion around here, being around young kids mostly, ages 18-27. The first general rule around here is no sex, the second is no beer or booze. And being that they just discovered the thrills of the flesh not too long ago, it is very hard for some.

Speaking of that
Three Brits are in captured by natives. They are given a choice. Mubobo (Have sex with all the men in the tribe) and go free or death. The first one says I love my life, who cares I'll take mubobo. The second one says, I have too much to live for I'll take mubobo. The third says I can't, I have to live with myself, I'll take death. The chief looks around for a minute and then says Okay then Death by mubobo.

Sorry, That was just waiting to get out. This five time zone stuff is BS. right now it is 1930 local(7:30 PM) 1500 Zulu (3:00PM) 1100 eastern (11:00 AM) 1000 Central(10:00 AM) and 0800 Arizona (8:00 AM) strange. No wonder I forget what day it is.

So now that you have seen my place, Call Ty Pennington and have them come here and do a make over, I dare them. This whole blod is brought to you by, Blondie, Depche Mode, Stellie Dan and Nirvana okay so my Ipod has no theme, just stuff I like. I have Enya, Shadowfax and Vincent Guaraldi as relax stuff and some pick me up stuff Atomic Fireballs, Cherry poping Daddies, ACDC, a mix of everything, yes even some Polkas. I have to be in the right mood for that. Back to work, the evening part.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Sites of interest or not

Well, we canceled the trip until later. The gear wasn't ready. Thge girls at home are doing fine. The wife put the ducks in with the chickens. should be interesting. She says she is tired. Maybe I will some credit fot all I do on the farm. But miss them badly. only 372 days left. God thats a long time. Finially got some pictures up. took forever. 2 hours. Listened to Ipod. Some songs were running through my head. I know they have plenty of space to do that. Thanks Care Bear. Had "Life in a Warzone " Talking Heads in my head for two days. Some of the lyrics fit this place. " know of some grave sites out by the highway, the trucks are loaded, the trucks are ready, the soumd of gunfire off in the distance, I'm getting used to it now". Listen to sometime thats what I feel like now. Where I work is a cool place. The neat thing is I know what the Hell is going on in the country. Shh don't tell. The food here is good, but it will get old. My buddy went off to the village, he speaks two of the languages here plus he went with some treps. Interpeters. He felt uncomfortable. He says they looked at him with some malice. I said well if they looked at you that way what do you think they think of me.

Sorry to say I am a child of the 80's. I like Devo, depche mode, talking heads, Violent Femmes, REM, The Smiths, Smithereens, and amix of some 70's stuff. Strange to think your favorite music is old fart music.

Sorry for the rambling manner. My desk is two footlocker stacked, and my chair is abeach chair. the low kind. I'm typeing in the dark on my lap and not looking at the screen.
Well bye for now

Small reminder of what has happened here in the last 20 years

Friday bazaar (hello my friend come see my nice things)

The local jems in a Russian gift shop called no joke Yuri's Jewerly

This is my internet provider known around here as HajiNet

My hooch 8 guys live here

Rode in on C-130 with a mix of people

Friday, June 02, 2006

Hello from Afghanistan

Well it took a while but here I am. From Baltimore we went to Shannon Ireland 6 hour flight. on ground 2 hours. Back in the air for 5 hours to Turkey. They did not let us off of the termal so no good pictures. Then to Kyrgestian 6 hours. Where we waited 4 days for a flight. To Afghanistan 2 hour flight on a C130. The landing was interesting to say the least. Think of your scarest roll-a-coaster. We came in low and fast to keep from getting shot at. The guy I am replacing was waiting and moved me into his old room. We was very glad to see me. Was jetlagged for awhile. But fine now.I am awell paid baby sitter. When the thing works I have nothing to do. When its broken lots to do. There are about 10 other countries on this base. I have seen Austrians, British, New Zealand,Poland, Slovakian , French, Italian, Canadian, Korean, Egyptian, Jordanian, German. All four of our branches are here. The workers are from all over. Alot of Russian, so I can at least talk to them some. The local Internet Provider is Indian called around here HajiNet. Not broadband but faster than dial up. The service is filter through Hong Kong. So it is censored. For some material. My cell phone is working. calls are about a dollar a minute. Only 53 weeks till I am home. We are going to Kabul soon. Hope to get pictures.

Pictures are taking to long to load this time I'll try later.